Saudi Aramco selects Actenum DSO/Upstream software for scheduling Exploration drilling

Vancouver, BC, 22 June 2011 – Actenum Corporation today announced that Aramco Services Company’s subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest petroleum company?has acquired DSO/Upstream for use by Saudi Aramco’s Exploration Department.

DSO/Upstream will enable Saudi Aramco users to manage exploration drilling programs on a multi-year basis, balancing scheduled activities against available resources and departmental targets. Using DSO/Upstream’s multi-objective optimization facility, together with its integrated scenario generation and analysis features, schedulers will be able to track and control key metrics as drilling programs are created and updated over time.


In addition to DSO/Upstream software licenses, Actenum will provide deployment and training assistance to Saudi Aramco users, together with configuration services to address specific requirements. These include:

· An ‘Optimize to Plan’ capability, enabling users to prepare schedules that meet specific criteria over any time period (for example, limiting maximum cost by month, or ensuring that a given number of wells are drilled each quarter);

· Multi-user access control, providing use of DSO/Upstream features on the basis of each user?s organizational role;

· Implementation of additional constraints and configuration alternatives to improve DSO/Upstream’s flexibility and utility;

· Development of an extensive set of end-user and management reports.
Final deployment is expected to be in Q4 2011.

‘Saudi Aramco’s decision to use DSO/Upstream for Exploration is based on several months of preliminary evaluation and collaboration with Actenum’s technical team,’ said Paul Maurer, Actenum’s CEO. ‘We are delighted to be extending our work with their organization and look forward to supporting them in the coming months.’


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