MS SQL Hyper-V Replication

If you are running MS SQL on Hyper-V, I highly recommend that you enable hyper-V replication. Hyper-v replication is recommended for DR (disaster recovery), however, you can use it if you have two servers within the same network/data-center.

When enabling replication, you must have a valid SSL certificate if you do NOT have an active directory. So if you are in work-group environment then you need to get SSL certificate (either from CA or self-certificate). I do not recommend self-generated certificate since that makes the setup more complicated.

If you choose to get SSL from CA (i.e Godaddy) then you would need to get two SSLs. One for the primary server and one for the secondary server.

Also, if you are using SAN, you do not need to configure iSCSI on the secondary server. Of course, make sure that you have the proper adapter (10gig) and it is connected to the same switch as the primary server.

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