be aware of BELL Canada, I would never ever do business with this company. They just ripe you off in anyway they can.

Make sure that you call them and “Give 30 days notice” before cancelling your service or transferring your phone line to another company. otherwise they will charge you “Deactivation FEE”

Customer Service: “Thank you for your patience. They charge you because you did not give 30 days notice before you cancel your line.”

I told the agent that I was never informed, I have the contract in front of me and does NOT say anything about the 30 days cancellation fee. she replied:

Customer Service: Thank you for your patience. Go to and at the bottom of the page select LEGAL and then:Bell Wireline Term Agreement for Home Phone .

I just can’t believe this… these companies do whatever they want.

To me, they never take care of things the right way.. I hate Bell Canada anyway… I canceled all my services with them. I hate you BELL

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  • Norm

    If you are called by Bell`s sales Department trying to sell you a better internet deal, Never agree to it unless they can send it to you in writing…..
    It`s a Scam !!!!!!!!!

    I`ve been fighting with these Bastards for over a year now, Calls are always re-routed to countries where people have no fucken clue where Canada even is, much less about anything else you are asking them. Bell`s game is that most people will get tired of waiting & being given the run around and passed from 1 agent to another, so they end up paying the Inflated bills.

    Every time you take a service from Bell, they will tell you ………this is a Contract.
    But along the way they will scam you by Adding hidden or inflated fees to your bill, that is Ok to them when the higher fees are in their favour. I was sold a service at a set price, but never had 2 bills come in with the same amounts on them. U can spend Hours trying to rectify the problems, but the idiots pretend they have no clue about what you are saying, even if you called them the month before, they lost all records of it.
    Bell are among the worse fucking crooks there is out there, BEWARE !
    Keep all your pass statements, cuz if you don`t they will rip you off even more.

  • chadliver

    I am part of the Outbound Loyalty team of bell canada wherein were doing a follow up call for their business here in bell.

    I know how you feel to the company you have dealt with the thing is that, were doing our business to our customer the best thing that we could. We never do scam or illegal practices. There are lots of documentst that we can provide or show that this is in accordance to bell policy and for the customer satisfaction program..

    It’s not easy actually. However here in BELL were trying our best to help our customer to provide a service based on their own needs.

  • peshvari

    I don’t believe it. 🙂

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