Linux VS Windows (2)

I finally managed to install Ubuntu, well I actually installed Kubuntu . Kubuntu uses KDE environment instead of GNOME.

Very easy to use, user friendly, great operating system.You can keep your NTFS paritions or hard drives and you can view and browse within Kubuntu. Sharing file, pic, music and etc worked like a charm.

Once you install Kubuntu, . . . → Read More: Linux VS Windows (2)

Linux VS Windows

The first OS that I used was DOS… I guess it was version 6.2 if I recall correctly…

then Widows 3.1, way easier than typing command and things like that… well, then Windows 95, 98, 2000 etc… so I kind of grew up with Windows… Not that I don’t link Linux but I never had the chance . . . → Read More: Linux VS Windows