Intel Ad

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Generic list of Business Categories and Subcategories

This usually comes handy for Web Developers. these two CSV file contains Business Categories and Subcategories

Business Categories and Subcategories
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Who should add/modify DNS PTR Record?

that would be your ISP or the hosting facility.

A PTR record (sometimes called a “host PTR record”) is what lets someone do a “reverse” DNS lookup – that is, they have your IP address and want to know what your . . . → Read More: Who should add/modify DNS PTR Record?

IPHONE headphone

it has been awhile since my last post… I have been very busy lately.

I have tried to search for this but didn’t find anything… my iphone keeps changing to Headphone mode when no headphone is plugged in.

I called Apple support and they told me to do a software upgrade which I did, but no luck. then . . . → Read More: IPHONE headphone


ALLAAH the most gracious and the most merciful.


When you will enter into Jannat, it will be announced
1) You will remain healthy forever, disease will never come.

2) You will remain alive for ever, death will never come.

3) You will remain in bounties which will never be finished.
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Linux VS Windows (2)

I finally managed to install Ubuntu, well I actually installed Kubuntu . Kubuntu uses KDE environment instead of GNOME.

Very easy to use, user friendly, great operating system.You can keep your NTFS paritions or hard drives and you can view and browse within Kubuntu. Sharing file, pic, music and etc worked like a charm.

Once you install Kubuntu, . . . → Read More: Linux VS Windows (2)



be aware of BELL Canada, I would never ever do business with this company. They just ripe you off in anyway they can.

Make sure that you call them and “Give 30 days notice” before cancelling your service or transferring your phone line to another company. otherwise they will charge you “Deactivation FEE”

Customer Service: “Thank you for . . . → Read More: BELL CANADA SUCKS

MS SQL reindexing Database

You guys might be already know this:

Script to automatically reindex all tables in a database. Please note that this might take up to 12 hours. I run this on my database and took 4 hours. the database size was 21 G. You also need (size of your db * 2) free space to run this…

USE Databasename

DECLARE . . . → Read More: MS SQL reindexing Database

Bible Compared to Quran

I thought I would share this article with you… Credit:

Bible Compared to Quran
Based on transcripts of vairous lectures given by Yusuf Estes & Dr. Gary Miller

Introduction by Yusuf Estes –
It should be stated at the outset of this work, that Muslims do not seek to put down or desecrete the Holy Bible. It is a matter critical matter of faith for Muslims to believe in the original revelations that came down to Moses, David, Solomon and Jesus, just as it is is important for Muslims to believe in the revelation of the Quran that came to Muhammad, peace be upon him. The key word here however, is “original.” As we all know the origin of the Bible is clouded with centuries of copying, translating and passing down information, now long lost with only copies of manuscripts remaining to remind us of what once was the Bible.

Additionally, it should be noted that Muslims do not seek to destroy the Christians or Jews belief in the Word of God, rather it is an obligation for Muslims to call to what is right and to halt that which is evil. Certainly, causing the “People of the Book” (as the Quran refers to Christians and Jews) to fall into disbelief and leave off any faith in God at all, is the very opposite of the direction Muslims should take in presenting any comparison between Islam and what has come down in the past from the Almighty God. We only seek to bring about more light to the people seeking guidance and pray for all of us to be successful with our Lord in this life and in the Next life and we ask His Guidance and Support in doing so, ameen.

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